MDF Troemner Hammer, Universal Size

MDF Troemner Hammer, Universal Size

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The MDF Troemner Hammer (aka Tromner or Troemner) is a versatile 3-in-1 dual mallet-type reflex hammer designed for eliciting myotatic and cutaneous responses in adult and pediatric patients. This popular reflex hammer was invented by Ernst L.O. Troemner, MD, a director of the Neurological Hospital at St. Georg and professor at the University of Hamburg.

Head: The balance-weighted stainless-steel head is outfitted with large and small mallets constructed of soft silicone for precise percussions.

Handle: The weighted stainless-steel handle is precisely balanced for increased control of force for percussion. The tip at the base of the handle elicits superficial or cutaneous responses, including plantar and abdominal reflexes.

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