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Reusable Underpads keep mattresses and chairs dry

Choosing a reusable underpad can save money, energy and landfill waste. We have prices for all budgets and sizes for any application. Reusable underpads can keep linens, mattresses, wheelchairs and sofas dry and clean from accidental leaks. The most common size used is 32" x 36" as this will surround an average sized person while laying in bed. Smaller sizes such as 18"x 24" are often used on hospital size or twin mattresses. The SafetySure® MovEase™ underpad features durable handles that accomodate positioning and take the back ache out of moving an immobile person in bed. Most reusable underpads have PVC or Vinyl backing which helps retain moisture and prevent leaking. CareFor™ Deluxe Underpads have an antimicrobial finish to inhibit mold or fungal growth between layers. Our selection of resuable underpads are machine washable but we always recommended to hang to dry for longest use. Placing in direct sunlight will freshen and lighten pads between use.