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Arcus Medical

Arcus Medical manufacturers the Afex® Incontinence Management Systems for men, which provides a cost effective solution for those suffering from bladder incontinence. Millions of men in the world experience bladder leakage often associated with the healing process from radical prostatectomy or prostate surgical interventions. Most men find diapers, briefs, external catheters and protective underwear to be lacking discretion and containment. Afex® is an excellent solution for men that are experiencing uncontrolled bladder leakage and offers ease of use to individuals and their caregivers. Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities can also benefit from using the Afex® system by both improving patient quality of life and decreasing overall staff burden by reducing diaper changes and allowing more time for critical care to be accomplished.

Afex System may also be used by Truckdrivers, hunters and sports athletes.

Afex® Incontinence system is suitable for 

  1. Active men who have no mobility issues
  2. Limited Mobility - generally sitting most of the day
  3. Wheelchair Mobility - men who are wheelchair users
  4. Nighttime Use - used only to manage incontinence at night

Simple to wear and use Afex®  Incontinence Management Systems offer much needed relief from bladder leakage.

To choose your best fit, begin with deciding which brief or undergarment you prefer:

  • The Standard Sports Active Brief fits similar to men's regular boxer briefs, 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex.
  • The Afex® Core Supporters offer a tighter fit, this garment is similar to a sports strap and excellent for warm weather.
  • Open Sided Briefs have Velcro side closures to allow easy dressing for those with limited mobility.


Next,choose the correct receptacle style. Please Note, Afex® is not recommended if you have a rigid implant, retracted penis, or have less than one inch in penis length.

  • Low Style Receptacle is best suited for ,men who may sit for extended periods of time, such as those in wheelchairs
  • High Style receptacle is best suited for patients who may be more active or stand for longer periods of time. The high style is also recommended for bed time use and better suited for men who may be at the threshold for required penis length.
Choose your kit based on day or night time wear, brief preference and recommended receptacle. All kits include collection bags, briefs, cleansing containers and cleansing solution. For extended sizes, please contact us.