EMS 2000 Electrical Muscle Stimulator


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Dual channel, analog EMS device that increases range of motion, reduces muscle disuse atrophy, re-educates muscles, prevents venous thrombosis, and improves blood circulation. Produces three stimulation patterns: continuous, reciprocating and cycled. Includes four timing elements: "ON" and "OFF" times (1-60 seconds), "Off Ramp" (2 seconds), and "On Ramp" (0-8 seconds). Adjustable pulse rate from 1-80Hz, and 300us fixed pulse width. Output intensity adjustable from 0-98mA. Kit includes four pigtail electrodes, set of leadwires, one 9V battery, carrying case and instructions. 3.9"L x 2.75" W x 1"H. 4.6 oz. 5-year warranty.

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