Karaya 5™ Drainable Pouch


Option: 30/BX | Flange : 1 3/4" | Pre-Cut : 1 3/8" | Length : 12" | Style : Drainable - HOL3229
Sale price$175.09


Seal ring made of natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity, and is bacteriostatic. Sensitive skin is protected from the digestive enzymes in stomal discharge as well as bacterial growth and irritation. Karaya 5™ is safe and hygienic; is easy to use, remove, and clean; adheres to dry skin; is moldable to fit irregularly shaped stomas; and adding seal rings creates greater depth of convexity for a truly customized fit. Recomended for post-operative and home use. Features:
  • Karaya 5™ Skin Barrier with Integral Convexity
  • Tape Border
  • Odor Barrier Film
  • Transparent Pouch
  • Belt Tabs
  • Bathing/Swimming Allowable
  • Porous Paper Adhesive
  • Pre-cut Opening
  • 12" Length

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