Secura® Protective Ointment

SMITH & NEPHEW INC.SKU: UNS59431500-UNS59431500

Option: 1/EA | Packaging : 2.47 oz Flip-Top Tube - UNS59431500
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Protective skin barrier ointment contains 98% Petrolatum to help treat and prevent dermatitis and rash due to incontinence. Continued exposure to feces, urine, or both can cause the skin to break down, and can increase the possibility of infection. Regular use of Protective Ointment seals out moisture and enzymes, keeping skin healthy. Also contains clove oil, a natural deodorant that helps mask odor, and vitamins A, D and E to soothe irritated skin and promote healing. Pediatrician tested for safe use on children and fragile skin. Features:
  • Barrier Ointment Protects Skin from Moisture and Enzymes
  • 98% Petrolatum Active Ingredient
  • Helps Keep Skin Healthy
  • Clove Oil, to Control Odor
  • Vitamins A, D and E
  • Pediatrician Tested

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