Blood Pressure Monitors


Blood pressure is measured as a degree of force, in mmHg or millimeters per mercury.  You’ll notice that when your doctor reads off your blood pressure, he gives you two numbers.  These represent the systolic and diastolic measures of pressure.  The diastolic pressure corresponds to the pressure when you hear is filling (diastole), and the systolic pressure when you heart is pumping (systole).  To measure your blood pressure, a device called a sphygmomanometer is used. 


According to the American Heart Association, normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg.  Repeated readings of 140/90mmHg mean you have high blood pressure.  New studies show that to increased health risks begin to occur at blood pressure levels of only 115/75 is linked, although it is not technically considered hypertension.  If you have high blood pressure, your doctor may ask you to keep a daily record of your pressure at home to make sure your treatment is working correctly. We have several medical grade devices that offer you accuracy at home and can allow you to easily track your pressure with confidence.                  

Hypertension is thought of as a “silent killer” because symptoms don’t appear until the disease has become very serious.  With mild high blood pressure, people often aren’t aware of any problems. Symptoms of high blood pressure like headaches and nosebleeds may not occur until the blood pressure is dangerously high and organ damage has already begun. Several medical problems can arise from complications of hypertension; heart failure, kidney disease and stroke are just a few.  Thus, frequent monitoring of your blood pressure can help in detecting the disease early. 

Most people are familiar with the cuff that’s placed on the arm and then inflated. To take a pressure, the user listens for the heartbeats through a stethoscope. A digital blood pressure monitor has an automatic reading, which is useful for people who have hearing loss or visual impairments.

Paramedics, first responders and community organizations should have a complete blood pressure monitor kit too.

Omron® 3 Series™ Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Portable wrist unit shows blood pressure level, pulse rate and time in a simple, discreet design. IntelliSense® technology allows unit to sense when optimal inflation has been reached for an accurate reading that is also comfortable. Advanced averaging feature automatically displays the average of the last three tests taken within 10 minutes. Irregular heartbeat detector helps warn for potential health problems. Internal memory stores 60 readings with date and time stamp. Included are a carrying case for convenient transport and storage, and 2- AAA batteries. 5-year warranty