How Do I Submit My Prescription?

 You can submit your prescription to us in a few ways. You can fax, email or mail prescription to us. 

Send RX Electronically

Medical Supply Group
Fax: (800) 964-9901
Tel: (800) 278-0227

Mail-in RX

Medical Supply Group
Rx Department
11040 Crabapple Rd Ste B
Roswell GA 30075

Why We Request Prescriptions

At Online Medical Supply we would like to make the ordering process as simple as possible. However, some products will require a prescription. There could be a few reasons why the product you wish to purchase requires a prescription. First, the manufacturer may require that their products are only sold with a valid prescription. This is usually the case with products that will require a doctor's direction to use properly and to know which items to purchase. In other cases, a prescription is required by state or federal laws for the product category and classification.

Your prescription can be one that you currently have and does not need to be a new one.  Most prescriptions are for “Lifetime” or “99 Months” and can be used as long as you are continuing therapy.  If your prescription is for a stated period of time or number of refills, we can help determine if it is still valid for your order. You can request your prescription from your doctor.

All prescriptions must be issued by a licensed physician and can be written by any of the following care providers:

Medical Doctor

Doctor of Osteopathy


Physician’s Assistant

Nurse Practitioner


Naturopathic Physician

Your prescription will need to contain the patient’s name, physician’s name, physician contact information and the physician’s signature.

Types of Product Requiring Prescriptions

The types of products that will typically require a prescription include (but are not limited to) IV supplies, oxygen concentrators, CPAP/BiPAP/APAP machines, restraints, and sometimes needles.

NO PRESCRIPTION is required for purchase of any mask parts, machine parts or accessories.

Special Note about Needles/Syringes

Needles and syringes are for medical use only. Although it is legal in most US states to purchase syringes and needles without a prescription, the buyer is solely responsible for following federal, state, and local laws. For more information about RX requirements for needles and syringes please review the guidelines for your state. reserves the right to cancel any order that is unlawful to ship without a prescription.

International Prescriptions

We can accept valid international prescriptions. Please ensure that the patient's name is clearly written on the prescription. If it is not clear, please write the order number on the prescription to prevent any delays.


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