Glove Selection Guide

Gloves come in many varieties, and each one is best suited for the specific job.

Vinyl Exam Gloves are a good choice for simpler, low-risk tasks where exposure to blood or other bodily fluids is unlikely. Examples include administering injections, routine suctioning, basic patient examinations, food handling and low-risk housekeeping activities. Vinyl gloves also come in a stretchy version with added polymers that make them feel similar to latex.

Nitrile Exam Gloves are ideal for moderate to high-risk situations where exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious material poses a risk to healthcare workers. Nitrile gloves form tightly to the hand and can be used for precision tasks without the exposure to latex proteins, which for some clinicians and patients, which for some clinicians and patients can cause allergic reactions.

Latex or Natural Rubber Gloves, provides a high level of protection and performs well in moderate to high-risk situations where there is potential for touching blood, bodily fluids, secretions, excretions and items visibly soiled by bodily fluids, secretions, excretions and items visibly soiled by bodily fluids. They are ideal for wearers that change gloves frequently, wash hands repeatedly, or wear gloves for an extended period of time,

To determine which type of glove is best for your needs just answer these few questions:

1. What are you using the glove for?
Inserting a catheter or working with chemicals? Reach for nitrile gloves; they are FDA approved for medical use and highly impermeable.
Marinating BBQ ribs for a weekend party or have a particularly nasty mess to clean? Vinyl gloves are an excellent and inexpensive choice.

2. How often do you use them?
Most of our gloves are packaged in boxes of 100 gloves but if you use them often, the cases of 1000, or 2000 will be more economical option.
(Especially if you order over $100, then your shipping is free!)

3. Do you have a latex allergy or attending to someone who might?
Try a synthetic like nitrile or vinyl if you are concerned about allergic reactions.

4. Do you prefer a colored option?
Match your office décor, support breast cancer awareness, hide blood or dyes with one of our colored options; we have black, purple, blue, pink and beige gloves.

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