Living with an Ileostomy: Ostomy Supplies and Products


For people with debilitating gastrointestinal disorders, ileostomy surgery can provide enormous relief.  The ileum, the portion of the intestines beyond the colon is a common location for problems such as ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome.  When conservative treatments including medication and dietary changes no longer provide relief from bloating, pain, and unpredictable bowel movement, accidents and leaks, surgical treatment may be necessary. 

After intestinal surgery to remove the injured or damaged potion of the ileum, and opening through the abdomen is made called a stoma. Many people with ileostomies are able to return to all their usually activities without the constant discomfort or fear of leaks and accidents. 


Life with an ileostomy does mean learning how to manage a whole new series of issues.  It can affect every aspect of daily living.  Coping with an ileostomy means using a variety of ostomy supplies and devices to care for your stoma and manage the material that needs to drain for the intestinal tract.  Several manufacturers such as Coloplast, Bard, Hollister and others make the pouches, stoma appliances, catheters, adhesives and accessories needed to make living with an ileostomy as easy and transparent as possible. Your care team or enterostomal nurse can help you choose the appliances and supplies that work best for you based on your individual needs.  With the help of your care team and a high quality medical supplier, finding the appliances, accessories and specialized clothing and ostomy support products you need can be much easier.

Keeping an ileostomy clean ensure long lasting comfort and confidence. Caring for an ileostomy also requires special material, including catheters and ostomy cleaning solutions.  When ileostomy patients feel secure knowing their appliances are not going to slip, leak or cause odors, they can carry on an active lifestyle, enjoying both work and leisure activities to the fullest.


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