Incontinence: Tips for Keeping Comfortable

When bladder control problems occur, it can take a great deal of extra effort to keep comfortable. Worry about leaks and odor can discourage you from doing the things you enjoy. The first step in managing incontinence is talking with your doctor.  Incontinence is not simply an embarrassing inconvenience; it is usually a medical problem. A complete medical exam will reveal the cause of bladder and bowel control problems. Products that absorb leakage may not be your only option. In some cases medication, exercises and surgery can eliminate or reduce the problem. However, without the help of your physician, there is no way to know for sure.


One of the biggest problems related to incontinence is skin irritation and breakdown.  Even with scrupulous attention to hygiene, fragile skin will be damaged if exposed to moisture and irritants in urine or stool for prolonged periods.  It may seem counterintuitive, but water actually dries skin out, leading to itching and cracking. Be sure to use a moisturizer frequently. Many lotions and creams work as a barrier to seal the skin surface and prevent liquid from being absorbed. These products significantly reduce skin irritation related to incontinence, and can help prevent infection.

Medical treatment may eliminate some, or all, of the problem. Most people still need some form of protection for accidental leaks.  To find the right products, start by evaluating the amount of leakage. 

In addition to various undergarments and pads, keeping dry at night may require underpads for the bed.   Layering absorbent and waterproof pads and bedsheets makes clean up easy.  If a late night leak occurs, simply remove the top layer of damp pads and sheet, and another layer is ready underneath.

Following the popularity of self-contained odor-free disposal systems for infant diapers, a larger version for adult sized products has been introduced. This provides a sanitary and odor free way to dispose of soiled pads or undergarments.



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