Foam Cervical Collars

Foam Cervical Collars are used on an emergency or long term basis to prevent cervical flexion, extension, or rotation. They are often used for herniated disks, pinched nerves, fractures, muscular strains and sprains (such as whiplash), or after an invasive procedure or injury.

There are many types of cervical collars. The least restrictive, a soft collar, is often used in transition from a more rigid brace to none at all. A rigid collar is much more restrictive and is usually worn 24 hours a day until the injury has healed.

Clavicle Supports

Clavicle Support Straps provide stability and immobilization while healing from a clavicle injury. Straps resist stretching to help maintain correct position. Low profile wide shoulder straps are foam padded with cotton stockinette covering for comfort during wear.


Shoulder Immobilizers

Shoulder Immobilizers are often recommended post surgery for optimal healing. Sling Style Shoulder Immobilizers consist of a pocket to rest the arm and straps that go over the uninjured shoulder. There are often pads or small pillows designed into the straps for added comfort and are easily adjusted.  Elastic Shoulder Immobilizers offer humeral and wrist cuffs to stabilize without the use of sling or pocket. These may be more comfortable to wear in warm weather. Other Shoulder Immobilizers are built with an abduction pillow to maintain exactly the correct posture.

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