Professional Diagnostic Equipment: Otoscope

Physicians rely on prefessional diagnostic equipment when evaluating patients. Whenever a patient experiences ear pain an  otoscope is used. This lighted diagnostic instrument allows a health care provider to see inside the ear and evaluate the tubes and eardrum for signs of infection.  If the eardrum is torn, or perforated, this can also be seen through an otoscope. It’s an important tool to differentiate between ear inflammation and a true ear infection.

In the past, it was common to get a prescription for antibiotics anytime there was pain in the ear.  Because of overuse of antibiotics, the bacteria that can cause ear infections have developed resistance to many common antibiotics.  Stronger and more expensive antibiotics may be needed to adequately fight the infection. For this reason, it is important to make sure there is a true ear infection before antibiotics are given. 

Ear infections, if untreated can create serious problems.  One complications is a torn or ruptured ear drum.  Other possible complications include recurring ear infections, which become chronic, enlarged adenoids and tonsils, mastoiditis, and abscess formation. Rarely, an infection of the brain called meningitis can occur.  A very serious problem that can accompany chronic ear infections is a delay in speech and language in young children from hearing impairment. 

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