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Urinary incontinence can be embarrassing and keep you from wanting to engage in social activities, group exercise, or travel long distances. With these top-rated products, you can have the confidence you need to regain your independence and perform at your best. Find out why Medical Supply Group has the items you need to keep moving and feel better!
Disposable & Reusable Solutions Shipped to Your Door!
If you are looking for the best disposable or reusable incontinence products discreetly shipped to your door, place your order online with ease at Medical Supply Group! Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with staying cool and dry. Feel ready for the day or night with varying levels of absorbency and leakage protection in the form of underwear, bladder pads, and liners. Select from popular brands like Attends®, CareFor™, Depend®, FitRight, Premium DayTime™, Prevail®, Select®, Seni®, SureCare™, TENA®, and more! Have questions? Call our knowledgeable team at 1-800-278 -0227. We're here to help!
The #1 Solution for Men
We also sell the leading men's urinary incontinence system and accessories for those interested in a reusable option. Afex® offers discreet flexibility and comfort without the fear of leaks or skin irritation commonly associated with disposable options. Choose your style from three options:
  1. Nighttime Kit - This kit is perfect for men who are concerned about accidents during the night. Bed linens and mattresses stay stain and odor-free while the wearer is able to receive a more restful night. Included in the kit, you will find: (1) high-style receptacle, (2) 96% premium combed open or standard boxer briefs, (3) extension tube assembly, (4) extra capacity bag, (5) cleaning container, and (6) cleaning solution.
  2. High-Style Receptacle Kit - The higher receptacle works well during exercise or extended walking as well as nighttime use. With this solution, you receive: (1) high-style receptacle, (2) 96% premium combed open or standard boxer briefs (3) 16oz capacity bag, (4) cleaning container, (5) cleaning solution, and (6) optional nighttime extension kit.
  3. Low-Style Receptacle Kit - Designed for those with limited activity throughout the day, this kit contains: (1) low-style receptacle, (2) 96% premium combed open or standard boxer briefs (3) 16oz capacity bag, (4) cleaning container, (5) cleaning solution, and (6) optional nighttime extension kit.
Catheters & Ostomy Supplies
At Medical Supply Group, we have all those-hard-to-find items, like foley catheters and ostomy supplies. These are just two examples of the many high-quality items we keep ready to ship that can be difficult to locate in other stores. You'll love our huge inventory, prompt shipping speeds, and friendly customer service!
Avoid Overnight Falls
When waking up at night for frequent trips to the bathroom is an issue and the bathroom is often too far away or there is a fear of falling, a bedside commode could be an alternative to absorbent nighttime underwear or bladder pads. By placing the commode next to the bed, the chances of tripping over or running into objects in the dark is removed. Plus, there are portable bedside commodes like our 3-in-1 folding commode that enable you to travel with these helpful devices wherever you go!
Protect Your Chairs & Mattresses With These
For times when accidents happen overnight or while sitting, our chair and mattress covers can help prevent unsightly stains and strong odors. Whether you prefer disposable or reusable liners, these pads come in an assortment of sizes, styles, and levels of protection to offer just the right amount of protection. These covers are also perfect for guarding against fluid stains and germs following surgeries or spills while eating and drinking! Ideal for staying home, riding in the car, or traveling long distances, these items can limit embarrassment and help your cushions remain fresh and clean. 
Order Medical-Grade Cleansers & Barrier Creams!
Bye-bye skin irritation! Once you have chosen which of the above portable items work best for your needs, browse our large inventory of hospital-recommended cleansers for odor and germ-prevention and barrier creams to reduce the risk of chaffing and creating sores. Patients rave about our MediChoice® ME line of products for trusted hygiene care! 
Thus, no matter if you are looking for occasional leak prevention, nighttime incontinence aids, help with incontinence produced by mobility concerns, or solutions that move with you as you exercise, Medical Supply Group has the best products for your incontinence needs! We take the guess-work out of scouring the Internet for the best brands by carrying only those brands that are recommended by both physicians and patients alike. Try our fast and convenient contact-free delivery method today and see why Medical Supply Group is everyone's "Go-To" medical supply store for all medical needs!