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Handy Glove Guide - Choose the Right Glove

How to choose disposable gloves – A handy reference guide

Why are there so many disposable glove options?
Are some gloves better than others? What material is best for me?
Welcome to our handy glove reference guide! Here you can find answers to all your glove questions...

Disposable gloves have many applications in several fields, medical, industrial and automotive to name a few. We know choosing the best fitting glove for your budget is important and we stock several materials and case sizes to fit your unique needs. Call us if you want to talk gloves, we are happy to help!

LATEX GLOVES were the first to be mass produced. Natural rubber latex gloves  can be expected to fit well, are very durable, flexible and economical. Unfortunately for some people the proteins within the latex cause severe allergic reactions so most clinics, hospitals and care settings avoid latex gloves and opt for a synthetic or alternative option. If you have no known allergies, latex is a great option for coverage and protection.

• Excellent Fit
• Suited for use with infectious materials
• Biodegradable
• Can cause allergic reaction

are the most popular latex alternative. Often found in shades of blue, purple or black, nitrile gloves perform similarly to latex but without any proteins or allergens to be concerned with. Nitrile is expensive to manufacturer, hence the higher cost but offer an excellent latex free barrier to chemicals and are widely used everywhere from hair salons to chemotherapy clinics.

• Most puncture resistant
• Conforms to hand shape so comfortable for long period of use
• Latex free
• Chemical resistant
• Long shelf life

VINYL GLOVES are another latex alternative, made from plastic. Vinyl gloves are generally the least expensive and also least elastic making them subject to tear. Not recommended for medical, chemical or biohazard use, vinyl gloves do not contain allergens and are excellent for hand protection while cleaning or handling food.

• Most economical
• Looser fit
• Latex Free
• Perfect for low risk, short term tasks

STERILE GLOVES are necessary in specific procedures where sterility must be maintained. Surgery and Operation Suites require sterile gloves to reduce risks of cross contamination. Using sterile gloves can reduce infection rates. These gloves are typically wrapped in pairs so opening a box won’t expose the gloves to any airborne pathogens and they remain sterile until you are ready to use them.

• Sterilized before use
• Packaged in neat, easy to pull manners
• May be latex or latex free
• Perfect of high risk situations where there could be exposure to blood or secretions
• Reduces risk of infections during invasive procedures

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