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Since 1986, Progressive Medical Inc. has remained dedicated to providing clinically superior products that demonstrate proven advantages in overall cost effectiveness, efficiency and safety. PMI medical supplies, like their wheelchairs, are extremely popular and known for their durability and affordability. KN95 5-layer protective face masks are specially designed to protect you from pollutants, allergens and pathogenic microorganisms and at the same time let you breath easily without discomfort. Non Contact Infrared Thermometer manufactured by PMI is ideal for home, business and institutions use for monitoring body temperature. Simply point the Touchless thermometer at the patients forehead press the trigger and results appear straightaway with accuracy.

Heavy Duty Quad Bariatric Walking Cane
Our Price: $42.80
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Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Our Price: $69.00
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The Transformer Chair - PMI
Our Price: $424.38
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