Hollister announces discontinuation of

CenterPointLock™ two-piece pouching system as of December 31st, 2018

The CenterPointLock two-piece ostomy system was developed and launched over three decades ago. Since then, ostomy products have undergone advancements, including improvements in both skin barrier and pouching technology.

We encourage people who are using the CenterPointLock two-piece ostomy system to upgrade to the New Image two-piece system and experience the security and quality of the new generation Hollister two-piece system!

Use these Conversion Charts to locate your replacement:

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    Check out the new system:

    Integrated Floating Flange

    Audible clicks signal a secure attachment

    Discreet low profile attachment of pouch to barrier

    Waterproof, integrated AF300 filter is designed to allow gas and air to escape,

    but keeps odor and output in the pouch.

    Liquid cannot penetrate the filter, therefore not requiring a protective sticker

    Choice of secure pouch closure options - clamp or integrated closure

    Comfortwear panels provide enhanced discretion and comfort

    Numerous pouch size options to meet individual preferences

    The CeraPlus skin barrier with Remois technology* is infused with ceramide, the skin's naturally occurring protection against dryness.

    It is designed to maintain adhesive properties, and features a formulation infused with ceramide

    Protect the skin's natural moisture barrier

    Maintain good peristomal skin health

    Decrease transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin