What makes MediChoice Unique?

Put simply, the MediChoice selection represents high quality medical items designed for excellent function. Used in hospitals nationwide, the MediChoice brand is a perfect choice for both medical professionals and home care givers seeking top quality products at affordable prices. Beginning in 2002, feedback from nurses, doctors, administrators and technicians has resulted in an expanded offering of items designed to address the evolving demands of today's clinicians and health care providers. Products sourced from women, minority and veteran owned businesses make up one fourth of the MediChoice line. We are proud to partner with Owens & Minor and know you will be pleased with the superb quality of our offerings of MediChoice Personal Home Care Items.

MediChoice Biological Odor Eliminator

Available in two convenient sizes, this spray pump bottle doesn't mask odors but actually eliminates them. The clear formula can be used on fabric or skin and was designed specifically to eliminate patient, necrotic and incontinence odors in the clinical setting. Bottom line, this stuff works and you should try it today!

ME MediChoice Roll On Antiperspirant

Created for those with hypersensitivities, this little bottle stops odor from perspiration with a clean and refreshing scent. Controls wetness and odors without irritating skin. Lightly scented formula is used in hospitals nationwide, made in the USA and alcohol-free.

ME Medichoice Shampoos

Apricot Shampoo & Body Wash by Medichoice is a gentle yet effective cleanser for the hair and body. With aloe vera and proteins to promote skin health and conditioners to keep hair soft and manageable. Formula is pH balanced for less irritation to sensitive skin.

Classic ME Medichoice Shampoo and Body Bath can be used on both hair and body, is pH balanced with a pleasant, mild fragrance.

Medichoice Kids Shampoo & Body Bath leaves hair smelling fresh, rinses quickly and easily, is Q-15 Free and made in USA

No-Rinse Shampoo and Body Bath by Medichoice cleans without soap and water. Can be used in hair or on skin and is much less irritating than soap. Also makes a perfect "dry" shampoo for super clean, soft and non-greasy hair on those days a full shampoo wash cannot be achieved.