In an effort to provide our users the broadest selection of payment options,  this store has implemented Google's new payment service 'Google Checkout'. The Google Checkout service assists customers in two distinct ways.

On the search side, it shows Google Checkout customers more relevant information in certain Google search results by displaying Google Checkout badging in connection with those merchants who are currently using the Google Checkout process

Once at the merchant’s web site, Google Checkout (i) provides you with a payment mechanism whereby you don’t need to share your credit card information with the merchant, (ii) moves you through checkout with a single login for use across multiple stores, and (iii) enables you to track your purchase histories in one place at Google.

Important Google Checkout features are as follows:     

  • Credit/Debit Card Information - Your credit/debit card information is maintained by Google. Charges to your credit card are made by Google Payment Corporation, and your credit/debit card information is not shared with  this store or any other merchant that uses Google Checkout        
  • Maintained Communications - Once you have completed a purchase using Google Checkout,  this store will maintain communications with you regarding shipping, changes to the order, tracking and returns. These communications will be made to the email address listed in your Google Checkout account and are vital in providing you with important information regarding the fulfillment of your order.      
  • Universal Purchase History - You will have a universal purchase history for all purchases made using Google Checkout whether from  this store or other merchants using Google Checkout. This universal purchase history will be maintained by Google in your Google Checkout account.