Must Have Products When You Have Seniors at Home

Seniors are being forced to become somewhat more independent, yet they still need to monitor their health more closely than do their younger colleagues. But if you believe that monitoring your vital signs always calls for a trip to the doctor, reconsider! Simple medical supplies may now be kept on hand for elders to check their vital signs at home thanks to modern technology. A few sound medical instrument, such as those that measure oxygen levels or blood pressure, should come first as solutions for daily living. With these tools, you may see anomalies right away and seek prompt medical attention. The tools listed below not only provide individuals a fighting chance to combat COVID-19, but also help them generally maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For many elderly people, it makes sense to worry about being able to live at home for a very long time. The security and wellbeing of seniors, however, should always come first. There are specific medical requirements that should be completed in order to allow seniors to age in place (as opposed to transferring into a nursing facility) and be as safe as feasible. 

And in order to help seniors keep a sense of autonomy, family members or close friends should think about assisting them in making arrangements for those requirements; they shouldn't, however, take the senior's place in decision-making. Even while loved ones may have the best of intentions, they could be tempted to step in and/or pressure their senior to use one service over another.

Here are a few items and/or services that seniors may use to continue living a secure, independent existence. Consider the following as solutions for daily living and feel free to explore the options with the senior in your life if you know a senior who is debating whether to age in place or if you anticipate providing care for a senior who wants to keep some degree of independence.

Types of supplies for home healthcare

The following categories can be used to classify various home health care products:

  • Items for personal care may include a commode, soft-grip utensils for arthritic sufferers, or diabetic stockings;
  • Thermometers, glucose metres, blood pressure monitors, and step-on scales are examples of monitoring care goods;
  • Grab bars, disposable underpad and bath mats are two examples of home safety products.
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, medical supplies heating pad and elevated toilet seats are common mobility aids.

Basic Home Health Care Supplies You Must Have

Consider that you are buying medical supplies for your house. In that scenario, a first-aid kit is undoubtedly one of the crucial products you need to have.

  • Dressings are fastened to the human body using surgical tape, a type of medical adhesive tape. When placed with a little pressure, the majority of them are self-adhesive and will stay in place.
  • In the event of a fracture or sprain, aluminium finger splints that are often lined with closed-cell foam are the best option for temporarily immobilising the fingers and wrist.
  • Topical antibiotic ointments are used topically to treat minor burns, abrasions, and wounds in order to kill germs and prevent infection. They often include an oil basis.

BP monitor

Seniors might greatly benefit from having a blood pressure monitor at home to help avoid heart disease and strokes. Between 110/70 to 120/80 is considered normal blood pressure. Regardless of whether your elderly family member has hypertension or hypotension, this sound medical instrument might be helpful to monitor any variations in their blood pressure. 


One of the main factors contributing to health difficulties in India is glucose metre diabetes. In the long term, having a sound medical instrument on hand that can reliably display the blood sugar level can be lifesaving. Just a single blood drop is needed. For the best usage of the gadget, it's crucial to follow your doctor's advice and the user guide that was included with it.

Heart rate monitor

An oximeter is a compact, reasonably priced medical gadget that you may attach to your index finger to check the amount of oxygen in your blood. Regularly checking oxygen levels in elders can aid in the early detection of illnesses like anaemia or cardiovascular issues. Normal tolerable ranges for oxygen saturation are between 95 and 100%.

Weighing scale

For seniors, maintaining a healthy body weight is equally as important as maintaining appropriate blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Obesity can cause a variety of issues for elderly people, including joint and muscular discomfort and cardiovascular issues. To check BMI and create a balanced diet and exercise programme, having a scale at home might be helpful.


A thermometer is one of the most fundamental medical supplies to keep on hand. The flu and other diseases that might raise body temperature are particularly dangerous for the elderly. They could be more susceptible to heat strokes. The body's natural temperature ranges from 970 to 990 degrees Fahrenheit. There are several different thermometers on the market, ranging from contactless infrared thermometers, which have grown in popularity since the COVID-19 epidemic, to oral and digital thermometers.


Asthma is become a common illness due to the world's severe pollution problem. More than any other organ in the body, the respiratory system is much more susceptible to the Corona virus. Medicines can be delivered directly to the airway with the use of nebulizers. This helps the patient breathe normally.

System for Medical Alert

For elderly people living at home, a medical alert system or personal emergency response system is a very helpful tool. Instead of crying for assistance or frantically trying to make a phone call, they may quickly summon your attention in the event of any emergency, such as a fall, or just when they feel uneasy.

Wheelchair Walker

Seniors with mobility difficulties gain confidence using a rollator walker. Walkers enable seniors to participate in events without running the danger of falling, allowing them to leave the house. Walkers exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the best one should meet the specific requirements of the senior.


These are some most important supplies that you must have when you have seniors at home. With elders you need to be proactive else a single mistake can cause a lot of harm. Medical Supply Group offers endless products which can help you keeping your elders safe and happy.