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Mothers day card

Mother's Day is a wonderful time for moms everywhere to feel loved and appreciated by their children and grandchildren. But, when Mom has dementia or Alzheimer's or Dementia, this time of celebration can be met with mixed emotions. Try these 10 suggestions that will help create a positive experience with her, even when health concerns require social distancing.

Use These Apps to Stay Connected
Thankfully, when you are asked to not come too near for Mom's health, these platforms make sure you are still able to stay close:
  • FaceTime - Apple has created arguably the easiest method for video chats. You can call Mom on her Apple phone, tablet, laptop, or pc anytime from anywhere. If your mom does not require assistance with receiving the call or her caretaker can bring it to her when a call comes in, FaceTime enables you to call your mom with an audio or video chat with no time limits and allows others such as siblings to join the call as well as long as all parties use an Apple product.
  • Skype - This is a free service you can use when both parties have downloaded the app and you have scheduled a chat time to call with your mom's caretaker. It is simple to use because no special code or password is required, there is no talk time limit, and it can be downloaded to a laptop or computer so Mom does not have to hold a phone or tablet making video chatting and checking in a breeze!
  • Zoom - When you have a large family wanting to join in on the call, apps like Zoom make this possible. Although the free version does have a time limit and you will need to give Mom's caretaker as well as other family members the time, code, and password to join the "meeting", the effort pays off with everyone being able to talk to Mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day together.

Create a Video 
While you have Mom's attention, you can take this time to show her a video you made of old pictures, funny family bloopers, and memorable trips you took together. The key is to try to make the video personal yet still engaging for someone who has not shared the experiences. That way, your mom will be more likely to enjoy the sentiment on the days when her memory is not working as well. Such a project may also be the perfect keepsake to share with all family members and may help Mom's caretakers to find out more about this amazing woman's life, personality, and passions.

Send Practical Gifts
Sometimes, your mom may have trouble remembering some of your family traditions. When that happens, it may be time to start a new tradition by sending her gifts that would enhance her well-being at this stage in her life. Plus, if your mom is staying in a long-term care facility, where flowers, fruit baskets, and candy may not be accepted during times of heightened concerns over contagious illnesses like COVID-19, practical gifts that can be wiped down and sanitized may be the safer choice. An example might be specially designed dinnerware items for patients with Alzheimer's that encourage her to eat more. Another gift idea is to send a care-bouquet of sanitizing wipes, hospital-grade soothing soaps and lotions, safety-related accessories, and fresh soft linens. For more ideas, browse our online catalog of helpful medical supplies and call us to place your safe contact-free curbside pickup order.

Send a Card per Week
Cards make everyone's day brighter! If your mom is unable to process the significance of Mother's Day or certain holidays, you can show her you love her by giving your mom the excitement of receiving a card 52 times per year when you send your mom a card every week. Take this suggestion a step further by including cards with her favorite animal or activity pictured or asking family members and Mom's friends to pitch in for more fun for her and boost her spirits that much more!

Listen to Her Frustrations 
Perhaps the best way to celebrate your love for your mom is to listen to her concerns and help with any discomfort, confusion, or care needs. When working through her frustrations, remain calm and collected by remembering she does not always have a clear understanding of what is upsetting her or how to express her thoughts. Speak warmly as you reassure her everything will be taken care of and check in with her caretaker frequently to ensure changes are being made whenever appropriate. After all, you are her biggest advocate.

In conclusion, just being there to check on her and ensure she is receiving the best care is what she needs the most for Mother's Day and every day. Although celebrations can be hard with memory loss, confusion, and behavioral issues, continue to remind yourself of what she means to you, recall your favorite memories of your time together, and send her cheery cards and notes to help her have more frequent happy moments, and stay flexible with your expectations to let you remain close to her whether you are there in person or using a video chat platform. Using these tips, precious moments can still be cherished with your time spent talking to your mom on this day and all the days of the year.