Walkers and Rollators You are Going to Love!

Family walking with rollator in the fall in the grass
If you have been noticing a loss of balance that is hindering your mobility, these walkers and rollators offer helpful features that will keep you moving forward indoors and out! Medical Supply Group has all the best brands in one location. Discover the differences between these devices and how they can help you get back to doing more of what you love!


When Should I Buy a Walker or Rollator?

It can be hard to know when you are ready for a mobility device to assist with walking or standing. Conditions such as osteoporosis, back pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, severe breathing difficulties, extensive injuries, or a stroke that results in neurological damage can make you feel unbalanced and increase your risk of a hard fall. Since an injury related to a fall is treated in the emergency room of hospitals every 11 seconds, using mobility aids such as walkers and rollators can decrease the chances of this happening to you, your patient, or a loved one. Ask your physician to find out if a walker or rollator is right for your balance and mobility needs.

Should I Buy a Walker or a Rollator?

Walkers and rollators are very similar in that they both have multiple legs and can help stabilize the user. However, there are some key differences. For example, walkers have at least two legs with no wheels. Some have no wheels at all and require lifting the entire device up to place it ahead before taking the next step. People who use walkers often use them to help get up and down as well as steady themselves while walking at a slower and more controlled pace. Walkers are also useful for providing light support while getting into and out of the shower or tub.

Looking for less lifting and a faster pace? Rollators have wheels on each leg for a pushing or gliding forward action, a handbrake for stopping and to add more stability when needed, and a seat for resting. Those who need some support for fall prevention yet can walk at a regular pace without concern may appreciate the ease-of-use with rollators as well as their handy seating feature.

Which Features Should I Look for in a Walker?

When selecting the right model of walker for your lifestyle and health needs, there are some popular features you may want to consider before buying:


  1. Folding for storage and portability
  2. Height-adjustment to improve posture
  3. Hemi for one side support
  4. Front wheels for reduced lifting
  5. Rise-assistance to make the transition to standing less of a strain.


What are the Different Rollator Styles?

Rollators come in these three designs. See which one is right for you:


  1. Three-Wheel - Take a tighter turn in narrow spaces with the three-wheel designs.
  2. Four-Wheel - Use a four-wheel style for better support.
  3. Heavy-Duty - Reinforced steel frames and a wider seat make the heavy-duty option more suited for bariatric patients. 


Helpful Accessories

Both walkers and rollators have the option of adding accessories that can help you keep items within reach or make your walk more comfortable. Some examples include baskets, organizers, trays, cupholders, and platform attachments to bear more weight on your arm instead of your hand. We carry them in stock so you can safely shop with ease for these accessories, your mobility devices, personal protection equipment, simple-install fall prevention devices for elderly, health monitoring devices, and all those hard-to-find medical supplies on your list. 

Why Buy From Medical Supply Group?

The primary reasons to buy online are the convenience and safety of having your items shipped to your doorstep while benefitting from a reduced risk of coming into contact with potentially harmful pathogens. However, Medical Supply Group goes beyond the average medical equipment selection to offer you only the top-recommended brands for better peace-of-mind plus a large selection of in-stock items for faster shipping. But, the main reason to shop with Medical Supply Group is our knowledgeable staff who look forward to assisting you with all your medical supply questions and item features.

Whatever your mobility needs, find it at Medical Supply Group by using our user-friendly search. Our products are top-quality for the highest level of dependability available on the market of medical supply manufacturer. For more assistance in deciding on the right item(s), contact our helpful team by calling 1-800-278-0227. From canes and crutches to transfer chairs and powered wheelchairs, we’ve got you covered!