Afex Urinary Incontinence Management Supplies Value Combo Pack

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Option: 1/PK | Standard Active Sports Briefs | High Style Receptacle - HCOMBPK
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Afex®Urinary incontinence management system is a cost effective system that allows  men to manage urinary incontinence in a discreet and comfortable way without wearing adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices for men experiencing moderate to severe stress and mixed male incontinence.

The Afex® system functions by allowing the boxer-briefs to discreetly and securely hold a plastic ergonomic curved receptacle inside a front pocket that channels urine into a 500ml reusable collection bag. No tubes or straps are required – just attach the bag directly to the receptacle through the briefs for hours of use without maintenance or changing.

 Afex Value Combo Pack contains everything you need to start using Afex Daily for the Daytime at a great price!
It includes:
  • (2) briefs – Active Sports Style
  • (1) receptacle of your choice
  • (2) standard collection bags (16 oz)
  • (2) cleaning solutions (4 oz)
  • (2) Cleaning Containers
  • Instructions
Save by purchasing the Combo Value Pack. Please specify your brief waist size and select either a low style or high style or one of each type of receptacle. 
Low style receptacle is recommended for more sedentary or mobility assisted use. 
High style receptacle is recommended for more active daytime and night time use.

Afex® is not recommended if you have a retracted penis, a penis length of 2 inches or less or a  rigid penile implant.

For the regard of hygiene and public safety this product is NON-RETURNABLE

Please contact 800-278-0227 with your Questions

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