Baby™ Reusable Nebulizer Set Mask Size 1


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Pari Respiratory Baby™ Reusable Nebulizer Set Mask Size 1

Designed specifically for babies and young children under the age of 1. Combines efficient aerosol delivery with practical application. The only tight fitting (non-latex) mask with rotatable elbow piece allows for multiple delivery positions; treatments can be given lying down, sitting in a lap or stroller, or standing. Reusable nebulizer, lasting 6 months, is dishwasher safe and may be boiled. Features a comfortable, reusable, soft, clear silicon mask with minimum dead space. No increase in respiratory effort required from patient.

  • PARI BABY™ masks are designed specifically for the low inspiratory flow rate and small tidal volumes of babies and young children
  • The PARI BABY™ mask and rotating elbow offer efficient aerosol delivery in almost any position
  • Compatible with all PARI LC® reusable nebulizers

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