Bard® Sterile Urethral Trays

Option: 20/CS | French Size : 16 Fr | Style : Plastic Catheter Preattached to a 1000 ml Collection Bag | Description : Bilevel Tray - BRD772514
Sale price$110.58


BARD® Urethral Trays contain all necessary components needed for a complete procedure. Available in bilevel configuration which separates prepping components from catheterization components or space-saving slim-line paperboard configuration. Choose between red rubber or plastic catheters, some of which come preattached to a 1000 ml collection bag. Contains Latex. Sterile Contents:
  • bi-level sequentially packed tray
  • underpad
  • drape
  • PVP solution
  • 5 rayon balls
  • plastic forceps
  • latex gloves
  • lubricant
  • specimen container with label

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