BioStim® M7 TENS

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Dual channel, TENS device with flip top design that when closed, covers the easy-to-use controls for additional safety. Inside flip cover includes digital LCD display. Has 7 modes of operation: continuous, burst (2.5 seconds on 2.5 seconds off), modulated rate (50% decrease / increase of set value over a 5 second cycle), modulated width (50% decrease / increase of set value over a 5 second cycle), modulated rate & width (50% decrease in set value over a 5 second period; as rate increases, width decreases), strength duration 1 (increase of set pulse width 40%, decrease of set pulse rate 45% and decrease of amplitude 10% over a 3 second period), and strength duration 2 (increase of set pulse width 60%, decrease of set pulse rate 90% and decrease of amplitude 13% over a 6 second period.). Pulse rate adjusts from 1 - 200 Hz, pulse width adjusts from 10 - 250 us, and output intensity adjusts from 0 - 98 mA. Timer allows patient to use device for a specified period of time. Has fully adjustable pulse rate and width and patient lock-out feature. Kit includes 4 pigtail electrodes, 2 pairs of leadwires, 4 AA batteries, carrying case, and instructions. 5-year limited warranty.

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