Bladder Control Guards for Active Men with Urinary Incontinence by Seni™

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Seni™ Man Extra bladder control pads designed for men who lead an active lifestyle, and praise comfort and security combined with discretion.
Seni™ Man  Extra bladder control pads are breathable, anatomically shaped they provide a perfect solution for men with light to moderate urinary incontinence ensuring:
  • ideal adjustment to the body
  • reduction of unpleasant smell
  • reliable protection against side leakages
  • quick and effective absorption
  • free skin breathability
  • minimised risk of allergic reactions
  • easy and reliable fixing to underwear
  • guarantee of discretion and comfort
  • latex free
  • Individually wrapped
Each pad is 11 inch x 8.5 inch.

How to Wear the Seni™ Bladder Control Pad

1. Take the pad out of the pack.

2. Remove the paper from the adhesive strip on the outer side of the pad.

3. Place the pad inside underwear with the adhesive strip down and the wider side of the pad to the front.

4. Attach the pad to the underwear on its entire length.

5. Note: Do not use the pad with loose, boxer-short type underwear.

6. Do not dispose of the pad into the toilet after use – put it in a bin.

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