CATH-SECURE® tubing Securement Devices


Option: 1/EA | Two tabs, corresponds to front item in image | Configuration : 2- 3" Wrap Tabs & 3" Wide Base - MCJ54454
Sale price$2.99


Multi-purpose medical tube holders can be opened and closed repeatedly without retaping. Feature hook-and-loop fasteners on wide, rectangular bases that adhere to the skin and can stay in place for up to one week without compromising skin health. Use for catheters and tubing, such as subclavian line ports, EKG lead wires, dialysis tubing, and urinary catheters. CATH-SECURE PLUS® features a butterfly-shaped base that is water-resistant, DEHP- and Latex-free. Features:
  • Holds most catheters and tubing, including multiple tubes
  • Permits repeated access to tubing without restricting flow
  • Available in different sizes and configurations to meet individual needs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alochol-soluble adhesive - quick and easy to remove
  • OSHA and CDC compliant

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