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Adult Anesthesia-Medline's Super Circuit: Anything that the anesthesia team pulls regularly can be put into Medline's Super Circuit and packaged as one kit with its own item number. This includes masks, electrodes, yankauers, solutions, I.V. start kits, gloves - whatever would normally be pulled separately. There are many benefits to utilizing Medline's Super Circuit. Ordering is simplified because there is only one SKU to monitor; inventory is far easier to control. Plus space is saved since all the items are conveniently placed in one container. Also, a single SKU mEachns no missed charges so costs are identified easily. There are fewer purchase orders and fewer invoices to pay. With all the components in one container, receiving time, picking time and set-up are all shortened, resulting in a substantial savings. This Product is delivered as a single unit, so the right amount of Product is exactly where it should be. Since Medline's Super Circuit simplifies the supply chain, the labor cost is also reduced. Anesthesia - Medline's Super Circuit - Unilimb 40" Tubing, Gas Sampling Elbow, 2 Filters, 3 Liter Latex-Free breathing Bag, 10' Gas Sampling Line.

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