CPR Microshield® Mouth Barrier


Option: 10/BX - MDV70150
Sale price$99.58


CPR mouth barrier for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is ultra compact, packaged in an orange envelope-style case. Positive one-way valve inside the airway enhancing bite block is designed for maximum protection of the first responder. Also assists in keeping an open airway while performing the head-tilt, chin-lift maneuver. Features a clear, flexible barrier and 1 3/4" slim ventilator tube with a one-way valve to prevent backflow during resuscitation. Features:
  • Positive One-Way Valve
  • CPR Compatible
  • True Mouth-To-Mouth Seal
  • Airway Enchancement
  • Clear Barrier
  • Airway / Shield Welded

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