Diamond Crystal Thick & Easy® Instant Food & Beverage Thickener, 8 oz


Option: 12/CS - AIN17938
Sale price$120.56


750 Cal, Corn Starch-Based, Guten-Free, Maltodextrin, 5-Year Shelf Life

For those with dysphagia (impaired swallowing), creating the proper consistency of pureed foods and liquids is crucial. Makes pureed foods more appetizing and palatable by adding texture, thickness and height; quickly, and easily turns "applesauce" texture into "mashed potato" texture without changing the taste. Leaves no aftertaste. Just a few teaspoons of thickener needed per meal.

  • Blends quickly and smoothly.
  • Stops thickening after one minute.
  • Retains consistency for shelf life of food or liquid.
  • Makes appetizing plate presentations with little effort.
  • Thick & Easy® Instant Food & BeverageThickeners are gluten-free.
  • Added to all types of hot & cold foods, Liquids and supplement drinks without affecting the taste.
  • Doesn't bind fluid and is fully digestible.

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