Dressing Col LGen Puracol Plus 4.5Sq

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Packaging: 10 Each/Box

Puracol Plus Collagen Dressings: 100% PURE NATIVE COLLAGEN No fillers added! Just pure bovine-derived collagen in it's native, triple-helix format! Helps restore chemical balance in the wound bed! Collagen dressings facilitate the give-n-take magnetism of a Healing wound, supporting normal fibroblast activity while distracting negative forces like MMP's and Elastase. Triple helix structure allows body's own fibroblasts to act normally! Fibroblasts recognize this structure as natural, so they behave normally Producing the collagen to heal the wound. Absorbent collagen sheets manage wound moisture. Highly absorbent material converts to soft, gel sheet that stays in intimate contact with wound bed as it absorbs exudate. easy to cut and apply. Cut to fit any size of acute or chronic wound with light to heavy exudate. Puracol Plus 2" x 2.25".

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