Dressing Stratasorb Comp Island 6X6

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Stratasorb Composite Island Dressing has four distinct layers designed to cover all stages of wound care.

Layer 1, a non-adherent contact layer, Protects the wound site and will not stick to granulating tissue.
Layer 2, a soft pad, absorbs drainage.
Layer 3, a non-woven backing with an adhesive border, securely holds the contact pad in place.
Layer 4, a semi-occlusive, polyurethane film, helps deter external contaminants and maintain an optimal wound environment.

Rectangular shape is designed for post-op applications.
6" x 6", 4" x 4" pad.

Dressings, Composite: Stratasorb Composite Adhesive Island Wound Dressings, 6" x 6" Waterproof composite dressings have four distinct layers for versatile use, including as a primary or secondary dressing.

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