EXU-Dry® Dressing with Anti-Shear Layer™


Option: 50/CS | Size : 2" x 3" | Style : Slit Tube | Absorbency : Full - UNS5999PTM
Sale price$158.18


Uniquely designed dressing is ideal for use on all wounds, burns, and skin ulcers as it will not stick to the wound bed. Made up of multiple layers of high desity polyethylene and a highly absorbent rayon / cellulose blend, allowing it to be highly absorbent and non-adherent. Sealed edges make it lint-free to reduce the chances of contaminating or irritating the wound. Non-occlusive, to allow air circulation to speed healing. So soft and pliable, it can even be used as an abdominal pad as well as an absorbent gauze or dressing. Available in pre-cut sizes for tube and drain sites, as well as traditional rectangular sizes. Features:
  • Non-Adherent
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Non-Occlusive
  • Versatile Use
  • For All Wound Types
  • Soft and Pliable
  • Comfortable

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