EZ-Advancer® Instant Cath® Deluxe, Closed System Intermittent Catheter


Option: 100/CS | French Size : 16 Fr | Length : 16" | Description : 1500 ml Collection Bag, BZK | Style : Firm | Packaging : Compact (Mini-Pak), 4.21" x 7.75" - MTG42116
Sale price$727.49


Pre-lubricated catheter in closed system has a no-touch technique and features a soft silicone introducer tip designed to shield the catheter from contact with bacteria located within the first 1.5 cm (about ½") of the distal urethra. Patented EZ-Advancer® valve greatly enhances ease of use, allowing the catheter to move forward without retraction. Smooth, fire-polished eyelets for comfort during insertion and removal. Kit includes underpad, gloves, gauze and PVP swabs or BZK wipes. Features:
  • Comfortable, Soft Eye Catheter
  • Closed-System, Portable Kit with Mini-Pak Option
  • No-Touch Technique
  • Easy to empty
  • Sterile
  • American made
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Fire-polished Eyelets
  • Firm or Soft Vinyl Tube (soft available in 12 and 14 Fr.)
  • Latex-free (including kit components)
  • 1500 cc Collection Bag

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