FloCath® Quick™ Hydrophilic Coated Intermittent Catheter

TELEFLEXSKU: RUS220400120-RUS220400120

Option: 30/BX | French Size : 12 Fr - RUS220400120
Sale price$85.07


Designed to reduce friction, allowing minimal tissue irritation during insertion into the bladder. Integrated package contains a hydrophilic-coated flexible PVC catheter and sterile saline solution pouch. Coating is activated by soaking the catheter in the 0.9% sterile saline solution for 30 seconds, creating a slippery, low-friction surface so insertion and removal is effortless. Soft silicone introducer tip protects the catheter from the bacteria residing within the distal urethra. Patented sheath maintains and protects the sterile catheter during insertion, and facilitates sterile catheterization technique without additional gloves or messy gels. Features:
  • Latex-free
  • Smooth, Polished, Staggered Eyes
  • Sterile
  • Low Friction
  • No Additional Lubricant Needed
  • Exceptional Drainage
  • Comfortable and Convenient

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