Glucerna® Shake


Option: 24/CS | Flavor : Strawberries & Cream | Calories : 200 / 8 fl oz | Packaging : 8 fl oz Bottle, Retail - ROS57807
Sale price$76.81


Specifically designed for diabetics, Glucerna® shakes can be used as a nutritional supplement, a snack, or as a meal as part of a diabetes management plan. Features Carb Steady®, a unique blend of slowly-digestible carbohydrates clinically shown to help minimize blood glucose response. Complete nutrition includes 27 vitamins and minerals, chromium to help the body's insulin work better. Also supports cardiovascular health with phytosterols to help lower LDL cholesterol and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. Clinically shown to help people with diabetes lose weight when used as part of a structured weight-loss program. For use under direct, ongoing physician and/or nutritionist care. Features:
  • Specially Designed for Diabetics
  • Nutritional Supplement, Meal Replacement, or Snack
  • Carb Steady®
  • Nutritionally Complete
  • Heart-Healthy
  • Can Help Diabetics Lose Weight

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