Inner Cannula for Trach Tubes 8mm ID

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Smiths Medical ASD Inc Inner Cannula 8mm I.D.
Blue Line Trach-Talk tubes are designed to assist the tracheostomized patient with vocal cord function with intelligible speech. Manufactured from the same soft siliconized PVC as all Portex Blue Line tracheostomy tubes. Trach-Talk tubes incorporate a Profile cuff that provides a high-volume, low pressure seal that helps reduce the potential for patient trauma.

  • Easy to insert
  • Arc is tapered anteriorly to keep distal tip midline
  • Hollow obturator with retaining clips and hemispherical tip aid tube insertion
  • Soft-Seal® cuff with low profile and smooth transition to the tube eases insertion
  • Comfortable
  • Thermosensitive material, with sufficient initial rigidity for insertion, conforms to the individual patient's upper respiratory tract at body temperature
  • Clear, anatomically-shaped flange provides better access for stoma care

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