Kimvent® T-Piece Closed Suction System for Adults


Option: 20/CS | Description : Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Port | Includes : 22 x 22 mm (4") Flex Tube, 15 x 22 mm Fixed Adapter & 15 mm Swivel Adapter | French Size : 14 Fr | Length : 12" (30.5 cm) - BLD8169
Sale price$370.04


Kimvent™ T-Piece closed suction systems are designed to safely suction patients on mechanical ventilation by removing secretions from the airway, while maintaining ventilation and oxygenation throughout the suctioning procedure. Adult T-Piece catheters feature a clear T-Piece attachment to the artificial airway with 22 mm connections on both sides of the "T". Offered in a variety of configurations of catheter French sizes, lengths, and accessories to meet both patient and caregiver needs. Features:
  • Clear T-Piece
  • Lavage / Irrigation Port
  • Locking Thumb Port
  • Single Patient Use
  • Gamma Sterilized

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