Masimo LNCS® Neonatal Adhesive Sensor

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LNCS® (Low Noise Cabled Sensor) Neonatal Adhesive Sensor provides the highest performance of any integrated pulse oximetry sensor cable and yet is flexible, affordable, and disposable - the best choice in situations when the connector should be away from the application site. Masimo LNCS® sensors will work with all Masimo SET pulse oximeters, but are also designed to operate on Nellcor sensor-compatible instruments without Oximax. Features:
  • Length: 18"
  • Recessed photodetector
  • Designed for accurate monitoring during electro-surgical interference
  • Designed for accurate monitoring during intense ambient light
  • Accurately performs under conditions of motion and low perfusion
  • Reports true alarms resulting in fewer false alarms
  • Covered cable connector design provides additional protection from liquid at all times
  • Tape is long-lasting, soft and easy to apply
  • Adhesive secures sensor to site yet minimizes patient discomfort upon removal

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