ME MediChoice No Rinse Perineal and Ostomy Skin Cleanser (PW2004)

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Medichoice Perineal Wash Spray is a no-rinse formula pH balanced to better match sensitive skin. This perineal skin cleanser cleans, conditions, and moisturizes delicate skin. With a refreshing floral scent, this no rinse perineal wash can also be used for ostomy care. Unique spray pump can be used at any angle, even upside down.

Instructions for Use:
Spray perineal cleanser directly on soiled skin. Remove bulk debris, feces, or emesis. Spray additional product on a warm wet cloth and gently wipe the remaining residue off skin. Use clean cloth surface as necessary. Pat dry. To deodorize soiled pads, linens and clothing follow same instructions above before laundry procedures.

STOMA SITES: After removing bag, spray on soiled areas of peristomal skin. Gently clean and pat dry. For ostomy appliance, spray small amount into new appliance bag prior to application. Spray enough to cover inside walls to maintain appliance freshness and control odors. 

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