MediChoice Premium Surgical Bra

MediChoice®SKU: BRA101-83-918-01 REPLACES BRA101

Option: 1/EACH | Small fits Chest 34" to 36" - 01 REPLACES BRA101
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Premium Surgical Bra

These hospital grade post surgery brassieres are constructed of a soft cotton/spandex blended fabric to be cool and comfortable against traumatized skin. With thick padded adjustable shoulder straps to provide maximum comfort to tender or bruised tissue.  The Medichoice surgical bra opens with velcro at the front for easy access to bandages or drainage tubes or easy inspection of the surgical site. Excellent sewing workmanship enables these to be machine washed but we recommend hanging to dry. The fabric of this medical compression bra allows skin to breathe and familiar bra-like styling promotes wearing; looks natural beneath clothing. Therapeutic breast support provides medium to firm compression following breast procedures including augmentation, biopsy and smaller mastopexies. Thick material comfortably holds dressings in place without tape or wraps. If you were given a post surgery compression bra in the hospital or clinic setting, purchasing another will allow you to wear one and wash one. Simply match the model number or size below:

Size approximations:

Small Chest 34" to 36" compatible with cup sizes of 32B, 34B and 32C
Medium Chest 36" to 38" compatible with cup sizes of 36B, 34C and 32D
Large Chest Chest 38" to 40" compatible with cup sizes of 38B, 36C and 34D
XLarge Chest 40" to 42" compatible with cup sizes of 40B, 38C and 36D
XXLarge Chest 42" to 44" compatible with cup sizes of 42B, 40C and 38D
XXXLarge Chest 44" to 46" compatible with cup sizes of 44B, 42C and 40D

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