MiniLoc® Safety Winged Infusion Set without Y-injection Site


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The MiniLoc® Safety Infusion Set’s low profile and small footprint design make it the ideal needle for dressing the access site. The small size of the needle and the downward angle of the tubing coming off of the back of the device help to maintain dressing integrity. As the needle is removed from the port and enters the base of the needle, an orange safety shield rotates over the needle point and locks the needle into place. A tactile feel, audible click and visual confirmation verify the engaged safety mechanism for safe removal, transporting and disposal of the needle. DEHP-free tubing. Latex-free. Features:
  • Low profile and small footprint enable the site to be easily dressed
  • Downward angled tubing helps maintain dressing integrity
  • Audible, tactile and visual click to confirm engaged safety mechanism
  • Dual lumen port adaptable to enable simultaneous infusions
  • Safety feature covers needlepoint to reduce risk of injury and exposure to bloodborne pathogens

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