Nebulizer Kit 10 mL with Adult Mouthpiece & Tubing

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Small Volume 10 mL Adult Nebulizer Kit with Mouthpiece and Tubing
For the administration of nebulized medication.

This non-sterile kit contains:
  • "T" Mouth Piece
  • 6" (15 cm) Aerosol Tubing
  • 7' (2.1 m) Oxygen Tubing
  • Clear nebulizer cup and lid with anti-spill design -to deliver a fine, dense mist at any angle up to 90 degrees
2.7μ nebulizer with a low dead volume (0.7 cc) delivers an optimal respirable mass of aerosol to the patient. Leak-proof seal ensures efficient use of medication. 10cc bowl with graduated volume markings provides high medication capacity. 45-degree elbow allows nebulizing in upright or angle positions providing flexibility for caregivers and patients.

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