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Medline Conforma Overlays: Medline Conforma Overlays and Wheelchair Cushions utilize the latest advances in sleep and support technology to redistribute Pressure and achieve comfort levels never imagined. Additional features include five distinct Pressure zones, a built-in lumbar support, and Heel ease, which Provides added Protection for the heels and an area on which they can rest. Conforma is a registered trademark of Anatomic Concepts. Conforma...The only overlay endorsed by the National Foundation for Spinal health. It is also equipped with Anatomic Sleep Support Surface Technology, a patented design that redefines Pressure reduction and patient comfort. Medline Conforma Products, which incorporate Anatomic Sleep Support Surface Technology, Provide enhanced spinal support for the ultimate in patient comfort, while effectively Protecting the integrity of the skin. The Conforma overlay is designed with five distinct Pressure zones, creating a Pressure Profile that maintains a neutral body posture (the least stressful position for the spine). A built-in lumbar support redistributes Pressure and creates a load bEaring Profile that lowers interface Pressure at the bony Prominences, minimizing the potential for skin breakdown. It also helps minimize lower back discomfort. With a simple, patented design feature called Heel-ease, the Conforma overlay Provides added Protection for the heel area, helping eliminate the need for pillows, boots or other positioning devices. More than just a soft spot for heels to rest on, adjustable Heel-ease decreases Pressure below the ankle without lifting heels off the support surface. Conforma Overlay with Heel-ease, 72" x 32" x 3½".

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