Oxygen Enrichment Adapter 2 PACK

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 Oxygen enrichment adapter is an ideal attachment piece for patients who need to bleed oxygen into their mask during the course of CPAP therapy. The adapter connects CPAP machine to tube, allowing for oxygen to bleed naturally into CPAP.

  • 22mm connector port with 6mm barbed rotating stem.
  • Used for oxygen bleed-in.

Follow these steps to connect the oxygen enrichement adapeter to your CPAP machine.

In order to properly connect your CPAP device to an oxygen concentrator, you’ll first need to evaluate the type of CPAP mask you have. Some masks feature an oxygen port; however, most masks do not and will require a small and inexpensive device called an Oxygen Bleed-In Adapter (pictured.) TIP: If your mask has an oxygen port it may be covered with a small cap that you will be able to remove. Remove the cap by gently twisting and pulling until it pops off. STEP 2  After locating your CPAP tubing and mask you’ll want to connect the tubing to the tubing of your CPAP mask. Wiggle the rubber end of your tubing onto the plastic tube of your mask. Make sure the rubber end is pushed forward until it reaches the first level indentation on the mask tube.                STEP 3. Next, you’ll want to get your Bleed-In Adapter (See Step 1) and secure it to the opposite end of your CPAP tubing. Make sure you push the rubber portion of the tube as far forward as it comfortably allows. STEP 4. After you’ve connected your mask, CPAP tubing, and adapter together you’ll want to connect your tubing for your oxygen concentrator to the small end of the Bleed-In Adapter. Push the end of your tubing firmly over the first nob until secure. Connect the other end of the tubing to the concentrator. STEP 5. Lastly, connect everything to your CPAP machine. Not sure where to connect the tubing to your machine? Refer to your owner’s manual for individualized directions.

You’re now ready to use your CPAP machine with your oxygen concentrator! With everything connected turn on the CPAP machine first and then the concentrator. Once you’re done using them, turn off your oxygen concentrator first and then the CPAP machine.
Important: Do not allow oxygen to flow into the CPAP machine if the CPAP machine is not running.

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