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Packaging: 8 Each/Case

DISCOGRAM (8/CS)\n 1 Each Band Bag 30"X36" (76.2 X 91.44 cm) w/Tape\n 1 Each Basin Emesis\n 3 Each Cup Medicine Clear 2 oz (60 ml)\n 1 Each Drape 40X58 (101.6 X 147.32 cm) Aurora\n 1 Each Drape Transverse Lap Aurora DYNJP3005a\n 10 Each Gauze 4"X4" (10.2 X10.2cm) 12Ply\n 2 Each Gown Aurora Non Rein XL\n 1 Each Lbl:Isovue w/Ancef\n 1 Each Lbl:Lidocaine 1%\n 1 Each Lbl:Marcaine .75% w/Ancef\n 1 Each Mayo Stand Cover\n 1 Each NDL 18GX1 (2.54 cm)\n 1 Each NDL 25GX1.5 (3.80 cm)\n 1 Each Syringe 10ml L/L\n 1 Each Syringe 3ml L/L\n 1 Each Towel abs White\n 6 Each Towel OR Blue\n 6 Each Towel OR Blue

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