Pump App W-Pad Aero Pulse 31 X 67

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Aero Pulse Pressure Pump & Pad: Medline's Aero Pulse Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad reduces Pressure using air pockets that alternately fill and empty. Each pad is made of anti-slip embossed vinyl and comes with 6 ft. of pre-attached tubing. Includes repair kit. Pad and pump can be purchased separately or together as a set. Medline's patented Aero Pulse Pump, a vital system component, is engineered for reliable, trouble-free use. It operates quietly so patients are not disturbed; a lighted on/off switch signals the nurse that the unit is operating. Standard pad is made of 16-gauge vinyl, and is 41" x 68" deflated, 31" x 67" inflated. Six-month warranty. Standard Aero Pulse Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad Set.

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