Reusable Nebulizer Kit

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Reusable Nebulizer Kit

  • Specifically designed to be used with the Omron Nebulizer systems NE-C28 and NE-C30.
  • This system is convenient and easy to use.
  • Makes breathing treatments quick and simple.
  • Kit includes a resuable kit with mouthpiece and 7' tubing.

Nebulizing devices provide relief for respiratory illness and asthmatic symptoms and are prescribed by physicians commonly for COPD and bronchitis. The treatment is accomplished by breathing medication into the lungs for a period of time. These bronchodilating medications act to open the sacs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs. There are a variety of nebulizer machines, mouthpieces and masks to use for both adults and children. Make sure to check the compatibility of your system before purchasing reusable nebulizer kits so you can be sure the item will work properly.

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