Seni® Plus Super Plus Briefs (Heavy-Severe Absorbency)


Option: 1/PK | Large, 45" to 59".   9/PK - TZMSLA09BP1
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Seni Super Plus Premium Quality briefs are excellent and reliable protection dedicated both for active people and those with limited mobility, in urinary and bowel incontinence.
  • Seni Super Plus briefs are made from soft, yet enduring materials.
  • Vapor permeable backsheet helps the skin to breathe easily.
  • Their standing gathers together with leg cuffs protect better from the side leaks, and elastics in the waist and closing tabs provide better fit.
  • Equipped with double absorbent core and EDS briefs have moisture distributed and locked in the core increasing the dryness feeling for the user.
  • Double wetness indicator on the outer layer helps to determine when it is time to change the product.
Instructions on How to Use the Product:

 Fixing briefs on the body while standing – by oneself or with the help of the caregiver

Note: Briefs have to be activated before putting them on.

Super Seni
  1.  Put the activated brief between the legs forming a boat shape with the product.
  2. Adjust the brief in the front and the back to ensure close fit to the body.
  3. Use the elastic combi-tapes to fasten the brief; start with the bottom tapes sticking them on slightly upwards.
  4. After fastening the bottom tapes fasten the top ones adjusting the brief to the waist.
  5. After fastening the product make sure that it is fixed well on the body, the standing gathers are not folded to the inside, and that the brief is not rubbing on the body.

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